Seattle by Night

Magic Potion

In which our coterie take a "trip"

Magic Potion

On their way home from Arkwright Cemetery our coterie “ran” into some trouble. Without warning, something darted in front of Chau’s van. Chau was not able to swerve in time, causing his van to spin out of control. Upon first glance there didn’t seem to be any serious damage to the van, apart from a tire blowout. Gordon and Thomas decided to try and fix the flat while Eric and Chau went to investigate. It looks like whatever they hit managed to drag itself into the woods. Eric, using his power of obfuscate, decided to follow the trail. What he discovered came as a big surprise. The vampire, who the group thought Ragnar diablerized, was still alive. How this could possibly happen, the group never found out. It looks like our long haired vamp was traveling with some companions, which our coterie quickly tried to take down. Suddenly, in the middle of their fracas, a large werewolf leaped out of nowhere and carried the two lackeys off into the woods. That left the ring leader to be dealt with. The gang got some unexpected help from, one, Winston Smith. Evidently this was his land and those headbanging vampires caused him some trouble, so he was most happy in helping the dispatch them. He offered to help with the van, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the rear axle had been dislocated. Winston could help, but it was going to take some time.

While waiting,the coterie was led to a compound where Winston and his people live. It’s seems as if the area’s elder had taken an interest in his guests. He requested their presence, and it was made perfectly clear that he doesn’t like to be kept waiting. The elder holds a strange court, to say the least. With Winston interpreting, the elder insisted that the group drink from a strange concoction. It didn’t seem like they had a choice, so down the hatch it went.

It seems as if the strange brew caused the coterie to have some type of shared hallucination. A hallucination which took them through a opulent mansion where some menacing ritual was taking place. Several images made an impression. Firstly was a man hanging from the rafters, Thomas noted that the man resembled a scene from the Tarot card, “The Hanged Man.” Second was a large dome which a group of cultists seemed to be venerating. Eric felt as if he had seen this dome before. Great power seemed to be emanating from it, and just as it source was about to reveal itself, the group awoke.

Was it all really a dream? Will it be something that can be easily shrugged off? Or will some of the group leave with an unwanted souvenir…



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