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In 1962 Seattle hosted the World’s Fair. A grand event meant to represent what the fate of humanity might be in the 21st century, a showcase for progressive thought and technology. Most of Seattle’s Kindred population saw this fair merely as an influx of feeding opportunities. Many understood that mortal’s wide-eyed enthusiasm for a bright future was a result of their ignorance to the world of darkness surrounding them. To say the malaise of immortality keeps one rooted in their ways is a gross understatement.

That is not to say all Kindred feel this way. 1962 also saw a radical shift in Seattle’s Kindred infrastructure. Prior to then, Seattle had seen, countless, feeble attempts by the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum to impose some kind of Kindred rule on the backwoods of the northwest. Those who had settled this wild terrain were a hardy and libertarian bunch. They made their way on their own, making a spot for themselves among the once massive amounts of Lupine and the various other creatures that lurked in the emerald wasteland. These early frontiersmen were not going to let what little freedom they thought they had slip away. Because of this Seattle became a haven for free-wheeling and free-thinking Kindred. The most notable of this unruly bunch was a Gangrel by the name of Boaz Myhill. Boaz certainly cut an impressive figure. Rumors abounded about where he hailed from. Some say he may have come from the outback of Australia! If this were true he must have possessed great fortitude and will in order to make that tremendous trek. Boaz made a name for himself in the, then, burgeoning lumber industry. Money and power made him a defacto prince, but there was no real structure. Regardless, everything seemed to work out just fine. The northwest was relatively peaceful by vampiric standards.

Of Course nothing lasts forever. Boaz just disappeared one day. His confidants , not that he had many, were just as shocked as anyone else. Had he gone into torpor? He was certainly powerful, but his antiquity was unknown. Was he bored? He was a wanderer after all. Or was he murdered? We still don’t know the answers to these questions. What we do know is was happened directly in the aftermath of his departure. Almost immediately Seattle was thrown into a state of chaos and panic. The Great Fire of 1889 happened days after the Boaz’s disappearance and destroyed many elder havens. Most Seattle kindred fled or disappeared. The Invictus quickly seized the opportunity this destruction presented by sending in, Nosferatu, Archer McDaniel to clean the mess. He was hugely influential in the rebuilding of Seattle. Thanks to Archer, Seattle has one of the greatest underground networks of havens on the west coast. Seattle ostensibly built a new city on the crumbling remains of the old one, thanks, in no small part to Archer’s “influence.” Slowly but surely kindred began to populate the city once again. Archer’s rule lasted longer than most. Terror and sheer intimidation were his tactics. No one dared cross Archer, there was never any forgiveness. This was a second boom time for Seattle, but this one was laced with blood.

During the Second World war Seattle was beginning to see its first real decline. Most Japanese business men were forced into internment camps leaving the economy flagging. For once there where whispers, loud enough, among the Kindred questioning Archers rule. This brings us back to the World’s Fair. The Carthian movement had been responsible for galvanizing an anti Archer movement several years before the fair. According to Carthian Prefect, Euphemia “Effie” Holloway, the fair would be the staging ground for a Carthian coup attempt. Effie was a popular figure among many of the disenfranchised kindred of the city. She was a former slave from Mississippi. How she ended up in Seattle is uncertain, but one would imagine she would want to keep as much distance as possible from her horrific past. The coup was a rousing success. Finally the kindred of Seattle got what they wanted. There was some scuttlebutt as to the relative ease of the victory, but the elation of Archer finally getting what was coming was enough to drown that out. Seattle was going through a third boom of sorts. Effie had managed to turn the city into a near perfect model of the Carthian philosophy. Archers whereabouts are uncertain, many of his loyalists ended up in the surrounding Cities: Tacoma, Everett, etc. Life was not easy for them and those who survived the persecution left the state altogether.

Effie is still in power today and remains relatively popular amongst the city’s Kindred. The years after the fair had Seattle see a tenuous peace it hadn’t known since the days of Boaz Myhill. The rise of aviation, the technology sector, and the arts (music especially) had made Seattle ground zero for progressive and intelligent kindred and kine alike. That’s not to say everything is just fine and dandy. Over the past several years cracks have really began to show in the Holloway administration. While Seattle flourished, outlying cities sank further into degradation. Tacoma has become a hotbed of extreme violence and transgression. The are only a few miles that separate the cities but the difference, pardon the expression, is like night and day. To make matters worse, there has been a string of Kindred murders, more like eviscerations, popping up all over the city. Is it those pesky Hunters? Or are the Lupines taking back what’s theirs? All this has led to some major destabilization. Effie never ruled with an iron fist, but is that what is necessary to contain the situation? Needless to say, for the fist time, people are talking. Have the Kindred of Seattle been foolish enough to fall for a human pipe dream? Is ruthlessness and terror in our nature, and should we just give in? Or will Effie figure out a solution to our troubles? The answers to those specific questions are not known. What is certain, though, is that blood will be shed, sins will be committed, and the requiem will continue.


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