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  • Euphemia "Effie" Holloway

    p. Once a former slave, hailing from Mississippi, it's uncertain how she ended up in the northwest, but she must posses great desire and strength in order to have made that treacherous journey. She is a well liked Prince, and rules the city with a general …

  • Boaz Myhill

    Boaz Myhill might as well be a mythical figure, as he mysteriously disappeared from Pacific northwest just as strangely as he appeared. Whatever became of Boaz is unknown, though most believe he is torpor, whether it be self induced or not.

  • Archer McDaniel

    Archer stabilized Seattle when it desperately needed it, but it came at a price. Archer ruled with terror and brute force. Hiding behind various grotesque masks, Archer relished in torturing all that opposed him. It is unclear if anyone has ever seen his …