Seattle by Night

Magic Potion
In which our coterie take a "trip"

Magic Potion

On their way home from Arkwright Cemetery our coterie “ran” into some trouble. Without warning, something darted in front of Chau’s van. Chau was not able to swerve in time, causing his van to spin out of control. Upon first glance there didn’t seem to be any serious damage to the van, apart from a tire blowout. Gordon and Thomas decided to try and fix the flat while Eric and Chau went to investigate. It looks like whatever they hit managed to drag itself into the woods. Eric, using his power of obfuscate, decided to follow the trail. What he discovered came as a big surprise. The vampire, who the group thought Ragnar diablerized, was still alive. How this could possibly happen, the group never found out. It looks like our long haired vamp was traveling with some companions, which our coterie quickly tried to take down. Suddenly, in the middle of their fracas, a large werewolf leaped out of nowhere and carried the two lackeys off into the woods. That left the ring leader to be dealt with. The gang got some unexpected help from, one, Winston Smith. Evidently this was his land and those headbanging vampires caused him some trouble, so he was most happy in helping the dispatch them. He offered to help with the van, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the rear axle had been dislocated. Winston could help, but it was going to take some time.

While waiting,the coterie was led to a compound where Winston and his people live. It’s seems as if the area’s elder had taken an interest in his guests. He requested their presence, and it was made perfectly clear that he doesn’t like to be kept waiting. The elder holds a strange court, to say the least. With Winston interpreting, the elder insisted that the group drink from a strange concoction. It didn’t seem like they had a choice, so down the hatch it went.

It seems as if the strange brew caused the coterie to have some type of shared hallucination. A hallucination which took them through a opulent mansion where some menacing ritual was taking place. Several images made an impression. Firstly was a man hanging from the rafters, Thomas noted that the man resembled a scene from the Tarot card, “The Hanged Man.” Second was a large dome which a group of cultists seemed to be venerating. Eric felt as if he had seen this dome before. Great power seemed to be emanating from it, and just as it source was about to reveal itself, the group awoke.

Was it all really a dream? Will it be something that can be easily shrugged off? Or will some of the group leave with an unwanted souvenir…

Release the Bats
In which our coterie revive, for better or worse, a torpid elder

release the bats

At the urging of Jiang Shi, our troupe headed to Sammamish in order to question Wesely Harrington , hoping to make headway in their investigation. When Wesely got sight of the coin that Eric Brodie found at the crime scene, his eyes instantly lit up. He explained that the coin was held by followers of a influential Vampire by the name of Ragnar Svensson.

It turns out Wesely was a devoted follower of Ragnar, and in a moment of synchronicity revealed that he had too found a lead as to where Ragnar might be buried. The clue was a note, written by Ragnar’s closest confidant. It appeared to be written as a riddle. Ragnar’s body lay torpid in Arwright cemetery for over 70 years, and the group chose to help Wesely find him. Delighted, Wesely provided them with a trunk containing a gift for Ragnar, for when the group finds him.

Easier said than done, as is usually the case. Eventually they found out that they were not alone in their search for Ragnar. After Chau spotted someone sneaking around, Eric detained him for questioning. Thomas, using his innate “influence” over others, manged to find out that he was just one of two other ghouls stalking the graveyard. The ghouls were being led by a vampire named Vincenzo who was, evidently, hired by the Ordo Dracul to intercept the coterie and bring back Ragnar’s body.

After deciphering the notes riddles, the coterie was able to find the mausoleum in which Ragnar was buried. Unfortunately , Vincenzo was hot on their heels. Thomas managed to stall him long enough, giving Gordan and Chau time to inspect Ragnar’s body and open the chest that Wesely gave them. Here is where things get interesting. Trapped inside the box, was the torpid torso of the long haired vampire ringleader from the others nights violence! The smell was enough to make Ragnar stir from his slumber, after which the group allowed him to diablerize his offering. Ragnar seemed friendly to the people that set him free, but was not as happy to learn about some one else trying to abduct him. He quickly fled the scene with amazing speed, leaving the corpse of Vincenzo and his ghouls in his wake…….

Welcome to the Masquerade
Is there ever a dull night?

Eager to make a name for himself Thomas Hammond decided to throw a Carthian bash at his club Chalice. Carthian parties are usually nights to remember, unfortunately this evening would prove to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Gordon Winchester along with his acquaintance, Eric Brodie, knew something might be afoot after spotting two severely out of place metal-heads. Unfortunately the only thing they could pin on them was bad taste in music, which normally doesn’t warrant a beat down, although Gordon has served up some righteous ones for less. The only thing of note Gordon managed to glean from the strangers, was a pin emblazoned with a strange symbol, affixed to a leather jacket worn by one of the outsiders.

Smash cut to a girl cutting a hysterical swath through the nightclub dancefloor. She came running from the rear exit of the club, but when Thomas, Eric, and Gordan get there they realize the door is being blocked from the other side. It took the full strength of Gordon, Eric, and one of Chalice’s security to even make the door budge. Gordon managed to wedge himself between the door and the jamb just enough so Eric and Thomas could see what was happening on the other side. It wasn’t pretty. Looks like the metal-heads had friends and they were particularly nasty. They witnessed a vamp surround by some like minded mortals including, you guessed it, our pair of misfit headbangers. The vamp, obviously the leader of this “gang,” was assaulting some neonate, who was crying out in utter agony. Eric managed to shout at the group, which garnered a glance from their leader. The assailant simply chuckled, dropped his victim, and calmly walked of.

Still using all his might to get that damn door open, Gordon was briefly knocked off his feet when it suddenly gave way. The attackers just vanished, and in their wake they left two mortal corpses and one severely dehydrated vampire. In fact, the vamp was left almost mummified and in a severe state of torpor. All three bodies had holes driven tough their right eye sockets, even stranger than that, the holes looked almost cauterized.

Eric put forth a name of individual he knew of that specialized in “cleaning” up situations just like this, his name was Jiangshi. Thomas eagerly took Eric’s suggestion, hoping to put this night behind him as quickly as possible.

While waiting for the cleaner, Eric investigated the crime scene. He managed to find a strange coin near one of the victims. It bore a similar symbol to the pin that Gordon saw on one of the metal-heads.

Unfortunately Thomas’ night would go from bad to worse, when none other that the Sheriff of Seattle Tommy “The Captain” Weiss decided to stop by and see what the commotion was all about. He informs then group that these deaths are similar to ones that have happened in recent weeks. His is particularly angry at Thomas for allowing this to happen on his turf during a Kindred function. Whether the characters like it our not, they are now on the case.


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