Thomas Hammond

Owner of Seattle nightclub, Chalice and CEO/Founder of Afterlife Productions, LLC


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  • Clan – Daeva
  • Covenant – Carthian
  • Apparent age -
  • Date of Embrace -
  • Sire -
  • Virtue -
  • Vice -

Staring down through the two-way mirrors, Thomas Hammond sits quietly alone in his third-floor office above the floor of club Chalice. From the comfort of his leather executive chair, Hammond can watch as Seattle’s young elite enjoy the many fruits of decadence and partake in sins of the flesh. He slowly brings a snifter to his cold lips, taking a long pull of a crimson-hued concoction whose fragrance reeks of a fine single-malt scotch. Today marked the 5th anniversary of Thomas’s death, yet this milestone stirred little sentiment anymore in his dead heart. Instead, Thomas reflects on the unmistakable beauty of a time when he was just another sheep in the herd of the un-enlightened masses, blind to the truth that exists everywhere around them. Simpler times, he thought.

He rests his eyes and takes another sip.

  • How old are you?
    I’m 36 but I don’t look a day over 29…
  • What was unique about your childhood?
    I grew up in merry ol’ England with my mother, 2 sisters and younger brother. My father was an engineer in the British Navy so that left my mum with the lion’s share of responsibilities at home. We lived in area called Rusholme, which is a suburb of Manchester located just south of the University. rental homes for students so there there always new faces and new trends to be scene around the school. My mum stayed at home and for a few extra pounds, taught piano to kids both young an old. As you can imagine, it was impossible for a young lad to ditch his piano lesson when his mum is the instructor. I liked to showoff my piano skills whenever possible, particularly when any “big kids” from the Uni were waiting for lessons with my mum. Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov were among my favorites.

My mates and I dreamed of becoming professional footballers and playing together to win Manchester City the League and FA Cup double for the first time. But by the age of 15, we had become involved in the Manchester music scene and dreamed of musical stardom. We started bands, chased girls and partied like young rock stars. Being a teenager in Manchester during the 80s exposed me to all types of artists, from The Smiths to Madonna. If a band played at The Ha├žienda during the mid-80’s chances are I was in crowd, soaking up every note.

  • What kind of person were you?
  • How did the Embrace change you?
  • Who was your sire, and how did she/he treat you?
  • Were you presented to Kindred society?
  • How did you meet the others in your coterie?
  • Where is your haven?
  • Do you retain any connections to your mortal life?
  • What are your habitual feeding grounds?
  • What motivates you?
    Passion and

Thomas Hammond

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