Euphemia "Effie" Holloway

Current Prince of Seattle

  • Clan – Ventrue
  • Covenant – Carthian
  • Age – 185

Prince Holloway holds court in the pyramid atop Smith Tower.


Once a former slave, hailing from Mississippi, it’s uncertain how she ended up in the northwest, but she must posses great desire and strength in order to have made that treacherous journey. She is a well liked Prince, and rules the city with a general sense of pragmatism and a deft ability for political negotiations.

Her critics are quick to point out that many long standing issues go unresolved, left to simmer in Seattle’s kindred community. Considering how she came to power, its surprising that Effie chooses to be rather non confrontational with regarding certain issues. Some of constituents are starting to get frustrated with her lack of action in Tacoma, even though the situation just seems to be getting worse there.

Euphemia "Effie" Holloway

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