Aquilla "Quill" Elizondo

Seneschal to Prince Holloway

  • Clan – Daeva
  • Bloodline – Toreador
  • Covenant – Ordo Dracul
  • Age – Unknown

While Prince Holloway remains a popular figure among Seattle’s Kindred, her second in command, Quill, still remains somewhat of an enigmatic figure. Quill is quite the Bon Vivant, his parties are legendary. Because of this Quill also acts as the citiy’s Harpy. All official functions are organized by him as well as overseeing the city’s Elysium.

Quill was not part of the insurrection of ‘62, and his appointment to Seneschal is cloaked in mystery. Prince Holloway allows Quill much more freedom than most would allow. Many rumors surround him. Most Seattlites have a sneaking suspicion that there is something more going on behind his lavish parties and general suave demeanor. No one has proven anything to date.

Aquilla "Quill" Elizondo

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