Ragnar Svensson

aka; the Dark Lord of Denny's, The Liar, The Mad Viking, The Pope

  • Clan – Ventrue
  • Bloodline – Malkovian
  • Covenant – ?
  • Apparent age – 35

Ragnar attained preisthood with the Lancea Sanctum in 1880. Ragnar had a remarkable ability get people to talk, to make people comfortable, and to motivate and inspire them. For a time he ran with a bloody coterie of paladins, battling the church’s enemies and patrolling San Francisco’s boundaries. Ragnar had become adept with several of the Lancea Sanctum’s sacred rituals of Theban Sorcery.

By 1928, Ragnar began to withdraw from the covenant. Firstly he threw himself into the study of non-religious texts, contemporary pseudoscience, and magick that fell outside the dark miracles of the Sanctified. Ragnar’s natural charm and new-found knowledge attracted all those who were willing to listen. At first the Sanctified thought nothing of it, but as word spread that Ragnar was teaching Theban sorcery to heathens, they finally took notice. By this time, Ragnar had built a healthy clutch of dedicated followers.

In 1930, The Lancea Sanctum called a unofficial blood hunt on Ragnar, promising protection and praise for any Sanctified who brought in Ragnar for a formal trial. Ragnar’s cult disintegrated quickly, most were not willing to stand between the mad Viking and the Spear. A handful of loyalists, however, agreed to help flee San Francisco with Ragnar. They eventually made their way to the city of Seattle.

Ragnar prospered, for a time, in Seattle. He made his home in the, then, Swedish district of Ballard. Ragnar quickly built his cult back up, and held court at the historic Ballard Denny’s. Those that did not fall under his sway, jokingly, referred to him as the Dark Lord of Denny’s.

Eventually, as they always do, the Sanctified caught up with Ragnar. Not wanting to flee again, Ragnar chose to enter a state of torpor and have his most trusted Ghoul, Christopher Hewes, hide his body outside of the city. Christopher has since died, and with him the knowledge of where Ragnar’s body lies…...Until now

Ragnar Svensson

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