Seattle by Night

Welcome to the Masquerade

Is there ever a dull night?

Eager to make a name for himself Thomas Hammond decided to throw a Carthian bash at his club Chalice. Carthian parties are usually nights to remember, unfortunately this evening would prove to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Gordon Winchester along with his acquaintance, Eric Brodie, knew something might be afoot after spotting two severely out of place metal-heads. Unfortunately the only thing they could pin on them was bad taste in music, which normally doesn’t warrant a beat down, although Gordon has served up some righteous ones for less. The only thing of note Gordon managed to glean from the strangers, was a pin emblazoned with a strange symbol, affixed to a leather jacket worn by one of the outsiders.

Smash cut to a girl cutting a hysterical swath through the nightclub dancefloor. She came running from the rear exit of the club, but when Thomas, Eric, and Gordan get there they realize the door is being blocked from the other side. It took the full strength of Gordon, Eric, and one of Chalice’s security to even make the door budge. Gordon managed to wedge himself between the door and the jamb just enough so Eric and Thomas could see what was happening on the other side. It wasn’t pretty. Looks like the metal-heads had friends and they were particularly nasty. They witnessed a vamp surround by some like minded mortals including, you guessed it, our pair of misfit headbangers. The vamp, obviously the leader of this “gang,” was assaulting some neonate, who was crying out in utter agony. Eric managed to shout at the group, which garnered a glance from their leader. The assailant simply chuckled, dropped his victim, and calmly walked of.

Still using all his might to get that damn door open, Gordon was briefly knocked off his feet when it suddenly gave way. The attackers just vanished, and in their wake they left two mortal corpses and one severely dehydrated vampire. In fact, the vamp was left almost mummified and in a severe state of torpor. All three bodies had holes driven tough their right eye sockets, even stranger than that, the holes looked almost cauterized.

Eric put forth a name of individual he knew of that specialized in “cleaning” up situations just like this, his name was Jiangshi. Thomas eagerly took Eric’s suggestion, hoping to put this night behind him as quickly as possible.

While waiting for the cleaner, Eric investigated the crime scene. He managed to find a strange coin near one of the victims. It bore a similar symbol to the pin that Gordon saw on one of the metal-heads.

Unfortunately Thomas’ night would go from bad to worse, when none other that the Sheriff of Seattle Tommy “The Captain” Weiss decided to stop by and see what the commotion was all about. He informs then group that these deaths are similar to ones that have happened in recent weeks. His is particularly angry at Thomas for allowing this to happen on his turf during a Kindred function. Whether the characters like it our not, they are now on the case.



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