Seattle by Night

Release the Bats

In which our coterie revive, for better or worse, a torpid elder

release the bats

At the urging of Jiang Shi, our troupe headed to Sammamish in order to question Wesely Harrington , hoping to make headway in their investigation. When Wesely got sight of the coin that Eric Brodie found at the crime scene, his eyes instantly lit up. He explained that the coin was held by followers of a influential Vampire by the name of Ragnar Svensson.

It turns out Wesely was a devoted follower of Ragnar, and in a moment of synchronicity revealed that he had too found a lead as to where Ragnar might be buried. The clue was a note, written by Ragnar’s closest confidant. It appeared to be written as a riddle. Ragnar’s body lay torpid in Arwright cemetery for over 70 years, and the group chose to help Wesely find him. Delighted, Wesely provided them with a trunk containing a gift for Ragnar, for when the group finds him.

Easier said than done, as is usually the case. Eventually they found out that they were not alone in their search for Ragnar. After Chau spotted someone sneaking around, Eric detained him for questioning. Thomas, using his innate “influence” over others, manged to find out that he was just one of two other ghouls stalking the graveyard. The ghouls were being led by a vampire named Vincenzo who was, evidently, hired by the Ordo Dracul to intercept the coterie and bring back Ragnar’s body.

After deciphering the notes riddles, the coterie was able to find the mausoleum in which Ragnar was buried. Unfortunately , Vincenzo was hot on their heels. Thomas managed to stall him long enough, giving Gordan and Chau time to inspect Ragnar’s body and open the chest that Wesely gave them. Here is where things get interesting. Trapped inside the box, was the torpid torso of the long haired vampire ringleader from the others nights violence! The smell was enough to make Ragnar stir from his slumber, after which the group allowed him to diablerize his offering. Ragnar seemed friendly to the people that set him free, but was not as happy to learn about some one else trying to abduct him. He quickly fled the scene with amazing speed, leaving the corpse of Vincenzo and his ghouls in his wake…….



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